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 monitor 120Hz, 144Hz

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PostSubject: monitor 120Hz, 144Hz   Mon 09 Jun 2014, 16:01

Hi all,
I want to give you (for all who don't know already this) an interesting tip to increase a little bit the OA gaming experience.
The common monitors are 60Hz, but as you know, with e.g. maxfps=125 OA technically can give you more than 60 pictures per seconds.
60Hz seem quite a lot, but if you try a monitor with e.g. 120Hz you feel the difference: The game runs much smoother and especially in fast gameplay (for example near distance 1vs1 with rocket) you have an advantage.

I had to buy a new monitor and after searching and confronting I bought the Benq xl2420t for a very good price. Currently I can just play with HDMI collegated, so that I get just 120Hz at low resolution 1024x768 to play OA. With DVI I would get 144Hz with high resolution 1080p. The monitor has a lot of other nice features, but it is not the case to tell them right now...  

(no, it is not my desk)



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monitor 120Hz, 144Hz
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