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 Hello :)

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PostSubject: Hello :)   Fri 21 Jun 2013, 14:10

Hello !
I'm a old OA/Q3 player, played Q3 mostly in local not internet..

Reason I've been delaying the introduction is because of the issue I've been having with OA, since I wasn't sure if the problem could be solved and I thought I might be forced to quit OA and move to some different game.. So I didn't want to make a pointless introduction before quitting haha

I'm probably gonna stay since the freezing issue is fixed, only have to deal with the lag spikes..

So yeah..
I'm 22 year old male, artist.. I do mainly pixel art and game development..

OA related.. I think my best/favorite weapon is Rockets! I've been hanging around on ROFL all rockets server and I rarely lose Wink
also Adriano and AssY got me into playing on AS aftershock server, I'm quite bad at that since I'm a rusher and people tend to wait behind doors and in corners on that server, but it's interesting, and I'll get used to it Smile

I remember back when I played I was invited to a lot of clans, I remember on some instagib server there were 2 guys from a clan (d something maybe dark something) who always had like 400-500 kills and they ALWAYS played against me.. and I would have better score than them everytime so they invited me to their clan..

I might make a Frags video, I just need to get my head out of all these issues; I have a lot of demos saved I just need to make the videos Smile

Regards, Color
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PostSubject: Re: Hello :)   Fri 21 Jun 2013, 14:36

weee nice intro Smile

And your Rockets are really nice!!!
At work I have zero chance Wink

I hope we can fix your problems together...

The SOS family fix all together Very Happy

Cu mate
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PostSubject: Re: Hello :)   Fri 21 Jun 2013, 14:38

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PostSubject: Re: Hello :)   Fri 21 Jun 2013, 18:08

Ah well! Here'is the answer.. x) again, welcome here on the forum! Nice intro, loved your RJ videos
I really can't remember about you in game =/ so, hope we'll play soon, it seems you've some good skills to shown us :Dlet's have some good old fun all togheter! ;)And, just to know, where're you from? Here can you find some really goods italian and german guys!
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Data d'iscrizione : 2013-06-19

PostSubject: Re: Hello :)   Fri 21 Jun 2013, 18:29

Haha I've already played with Adriano, AssY, Dexter, played with Kraig and AmonRa in past and looking forward to play with more SoS players Smile

a name I used long ago was Griffith and I also use Nakagmi, BlueBoy Smile

I use name Nakagami usually when I play instagib, I remember once on Zimmers server there was some L!ve guy who had really much frags and people were saying how good he is, so I joined and catched up to him and at the end I had less time and more kills than him.. Nobody said a word to me tho Very Happy

I also used name Dunnud in few games;
Saw this by accident on Chs topic, was surprised to see myself on there Very Happy
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Data d'iscrizione : 2010-08-29
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PostSubject: Re: Hello :)   Fri 21 Jun 2013, 19:04

your nickname griffith and blueboy, i remember them in ictf.Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Hello :)   Fri 21 Jun 2013, 20:19


p.s. your English is not bad Wink



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Data d'iscrizione : 2013-06-19

PostSubject: Re: Hello :)   Fri 21 Jun 2013, 20:40

Thanks guys Smile

I forgot to say I come from Serbia Smile

it's on the other side of Adriatic sea from Italy Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Hello :)   Sat 22 Jun 2013, 13:38

hey Color! welcome again to our forum!
i saw your gamestyle and i like it, especially rockets!!cu soon in arena!sigarette
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PostSubject: Re: Hello :)   Wed 26 Jun 2013, 19:43

too late????




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PostSubject: Re: Hello :)   

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Hello :)
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