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 sos_ctf4ish (map)

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PostSubject: sos_ctf4ish (map)   Tue 25 Dec 2012, 15:21

Hello and merry Xmas to all !!! Got already some gifts? Then here is another one: The final version of sos_ctf4ish!


Title                     : sos_ctf4ish
PK3 Name                   : sos_ctf4ish.pk3
Date      : 25/12/2012
Author                   : *SoS*AdR!aNo
Home Page      :
Copyright/Permissions   : gpl-2.0 (see file COPYING in maps-folder)

Installation      : To install, simply place sos_ctf4ish.pk3 in the baseoa folder of your
        Openarena directory.
Map-Info      : This map is a modified version of oa_ctf4ish (GTKRadiant v1.5 used). The idea of this little project was to bring all ideas of our clan members in it.
        The music was produced by *SoS*Flash, also know as 'Jonas Fynn'.
MOD      : CTF
Bot Support   : Yes
Thanks to      : the whole SoS-Team, especially...
       - Flash...for the produced music, amazing!       
       - AssY...for giving disponible his FTP-Server and his motivation
       - Sammy...for the idea to make a hole in the pipe to get the rail and making always aviable the game server to test
       - AmonRa...for giving ideas about placing weapons in the map
       - THOR...for the redesign idea of the upperst old-rail-platform
       - and nearly all SoS... for testing the map and for the motivation :)
       ...and the, especially...
       - Gig...for his suppot help
       - Akom74 and Neon_Knight...for finding mistakes

         THANK YOU ALL! ;)




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sos_ctf4ish (map)
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