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 IRC Channel | #openarenahelp

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Data d'iscrizione : 2012-06-18

PostSubject: IRC Channel | #openarenahelp   Sat 15 Dec 2012, 19:53

Awhile ago we discussed making a IRC channel for new players, and or players in need of assistance in anything OpenArena related...

Who is welcomed?

As we all know OpenArena can be a very complicated game at some points

We need people that are intrested in lending a hand to people. We all play OpenArena and notice how some players know less than others, or are very curious and no one will help them due to the fact that its taking time from the game. This is the place where we want to guide new players and keep them less curious. We need you guys to come and point new players towards #openarenahelp on QuakeNet.

doing this we will have more OpenArena servers, more active players, a more competitive community and maybe even have the developers more motivated to keep this game coming with new release more than every 4-5 years..

Remember everyone was curious at some point in there OpenArena career

The more players knowledgeable the better we all become !

Note: This is not a shot at the developers of OpenArena we all respect and love the out comes after they release.

We hope you all can make it and bring some new players to the channel to get the help they desire

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IRC Channel | #openarenahelp
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