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 [map] cfx_arena

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PostSubject: [map] cfx_arena   Tue 14 Aug 2012, 00:00

ciaoo!! (first of all scusi i had to break all links as im not allowed to post them in the next 7 days xD - someone please fix it, i inserted spaces before the .com)

this post is mainly adressed to *SoS*THOR Smile

bloodz gave me the hint he can maybe help me with the map Smile

this is my DM & CTF map cfxarena.
Name: cfx Arena
Long Name: d
Theme: Bunker / Jail / Factory/ Powerplant
Gametype: Focus on DM, then CTF
Player: 2-8 (later 2-12 ?)
Items: 2x YA, 4x health, 10x health small, 12x shards, QD
Weapons: 4x RL, 2x GL, 2x LG, 2x PG, 2x SG, 2x RG (RG only from version 30 on)
Ammo: 4x RL, 2x GL, 2x LG, 2x PG, 2x SG, 2x RG
Size: Mid
Rooms: 5
Bot Support: Yes
Programm: GTKRadiant 1.5

the base idea was an colloseum like arena with rooms on the outside on different levels (3 i think)
so it has a round center with the important weapons / items.
the spawns will be outside.
not all of the outer rooms are on all levels.

heres a scetch


outside new - with clip that did not get hidden when i deactiveded it in the view...

atm i havent packed it into a .pk3 (to much work, when compiling every 10 minutes a new version of the map)
so make sure to enter sv_pure 0 and devmap cfxarena[version] to test the map. i included also the .map file, my .bat file for compiling and .bat file for bot support / .aas file.

and finaly here are some links to the same topic in other forums:
so you can see the history a bit and i dont have to repeat everything. feel free to reply on which site your ever convenient. here or on the below mentioned.

i could need some assistance with the shaders. If you have ideas for lightning, textures etc let me know.

edit 14.08.12 7:23: latest version:

heres the dropbox folder:
Im not sure if it works. if not, send me your email adress via pm and i share the folder to you...

thanks in advance!
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Data d'iscrizione : 2012-08-13

PostSubject: Re: [map] cfx_arena   Tue 14 Aug 2012, 14:32

i forgot you can test it on RN3 Server - IP Address:
version 31c i believe is the latest online i think, just check with /callvote map
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PostSubject: Re: [map] cfx_arena   Tue 14 Aug 2012, 23:12

Nice, I will test it when I have time.



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PostSubject: Re: [map] cfx_arena   Wed 15 Aug 2012, 16:34

heres a new attempt with a size study. the .pk3 contains 2 .bsp files, version 0 and version 1. They are the same, but v1 is verticalaxis (Z) * 0.5, so everything is only half the height.


X and Y axis seem to be fine...
what do you think?
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PostSubject: Re: [map] cfx_arena   

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[map] cfx_arena
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