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PostSubject: All WEAPON - NO RAIL AND LIGHTER   Sat 04 Jun 2011, 21:10

I invited all player in AS* server and play in my map mode WRACKDM17!!
U can callvote typing this into console: \callvote custom wrackdm17_ca

VERY VERY a great a real challenge!!!!

no RAIL AND LIGHTER .....for me considerated unbilanced weapon.....rail is only for noob in this map.....

I (shodan), R&RRobot, Euphoria, ASSY, Gatos, Ghost, Lighter and more other player....use this map for real match.....i invited your prestigious clan to partecipate with more intensitive!!!

Next modify: PLASMA.....speed rate like bfg weapon....without damage break when the impulse touch the ground like missile rocket......and max 3 impulse and recharge time like railgun!!!

very you can use it also single impulse......i raccomanded this instruction to our big friend TopFoxy.....

ok guys thats all falks!!!

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PostSubject: Re: All WEAPON - NO RAIL AND LIGHTER   Sun 05 Jun 2011, 20:49

L'ho provato. Niente male! anche se senza rail mi sento menomato!
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PostSubject: Re: All WEAPON - NO RAIL AND LIGHTER   Mon 06 Jun 2011, 07:54

Very very funny and cool server SHODY

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PostSubject: Re: All WEAPON - NO RAIL AND LIGHTER   Mon 06 Jun 2011, 16:53

Bhe è una buona alternativa x chi si è stufato di giocare sempre con rail+lightning e non vuole nemmeno giocare solo ad 'only rocket'.

Good Shodan, good.



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PostSubject: Re: All WEAPON - NO RAIL AND LIGHTER   

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